Saturday, July 20, 2024

Now that’s what I like to see… Apple telling you to buy a BlackBerry


Ha Ha

Well, not quite. But close. The illustrious Rene Ritchie, Editor in Chief or our iOS sibling site iMore, pointed out this morning that if you visit Apple’s Youtube channel, there are Verizon BlackBerry 10 ads running on it.

Sure enough, I clicked over to Apple’s Introducing iPhone 5 video, and upon hitting play was greeted by this Verizon BlackBerry 10 ad. This is pretty funny (to me at least), especially considering Apple is the biggest tech company out there. You’d think for the couple thousand dollars in ad revenue Apple will make off of a video like this one, they would rather just hit the disable ads button on the youtube backend to ensure they save themselves from an embarrassing moment like this one. 

Seeing smartphone manufacturers target competitors’ platforms online isn’t new. For example, right at home here on CrackBerry we’ve seen plenty of ads for Android phones over the years. In that case though we’re a third party site, and a company like BlackBerry can just as easily target their ads here as a company like Samsung or HTC can. A manufacturer allowing it to happen on their own channel is a different story though. That’s just a sloppy oversight. 

Makes for a fun post here on CrackBerry though! 🙂

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