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Mercedes-Benz GLA concept puts laser projectors in headlights, redefines SUV


MercedesBenz GLA concept puts laser projectors in headlights, redefines the SUV as 'sporty'

All pretty young things eventually require face-lifts to stay fresh. And the same goes for car models too, which in the SUV’s case means a total body lift. Mercedes-Benz is planning to do just that to the category, with an official unveiling of its Concept GLA premium compact SUV planned for the Shanghai Auto Show next week. The sportier, “more coupe-like” vehicle has a 208-horsepower four-cylinder turbocharged gas engine, 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission, 4Matic all wheel drive and — wait for it — headlamps with laser projectors. Oh yes, really. Despite what you may think, the laser light show isn’t all just for neat tricks, though you can display any photos or video compatible (shared via phone, hard drive or the wild interwebs) with the car’s in-dash COMAND system. No, there’s a practical purpose that prompted Mercedes-Benz’ German engineers to include the feature: a real-time navigation overlay. And lest we forget, there’s one last scintillating tidbit of this concept car’s posh perspective. It also features 65-feet of hand-stitched interior leather. We believe the correct response you’re searching for is: !#$&%. And we’d agree.

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