Sunday, July 21, 2024

Magazine slips in a free T-Mobile WiFi hotspot, courtesy of Microsoft (video)


Magazine comes stuffed with a free TMobile WiFi hotspot, courtesy of Microsoft video

Microsoft has tried more than a few publicity stunts to get us using Office 365, including WiFi hotspots in UK park benches. A magazine with a hotspot, however, is fresh — and might just get us to notice the ads we normally skip. Americans who’ve received a special issue of Forbes have flipped past the articles to discover a fully functional (if stripped down) T-Mobile router tucked into a cardboard insert. Once activated, it dishes out 15 days of free WiFi for up to five devices at once, at up to three hours per charge. Microsoft is naturally hoping that we’ll see the value of always being in the cloud and pony up for an Office 365 subscription, but we’re sure that many will just relish having an access point while they’re reading on the train home — it sure beats settling for a Twitter feed.

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