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HP Moonshot server class leaves concept, to power commercial-grade internet of the future


HP Moonshot server class leaves concept, to power commercialgrade internet of the future

We’re all about the future of the internet here at Engadget, so you can imagine our excitement when HP today announced that it’s shooting for the moon with its latest server system, the HP Moonshot. Promising significantly reduced energy consumption and space requirements, the Moonshot is HP’s “second generation” server tech, and it’s intended for use with “social, cloud, mobile, and big data,” according to the company. In so many words, this is HP’s attempt to get out ahead of where it sees internet use going — it was first unveiled in concept form last summer, but now it’s apparently ready for primetime. A video of the new tech getting introduced is just beyond the break.

Said servers are rolling out in 2013’s latter half, and can be tailored to a clients’ needs with specs from a variety of internals providers (AMD, AppliedMicro, Calxeda, Intel, and Texas Instruments are all specifically named by HP). All of this amounts to one thing: the information superhighway of tomorrow is being paved today, and we can’t wait to take a spin. Here’s hoping there’ll still be plenty of stupid gifs.

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