Friday, July 19, 2024

Google and ASUS to release second-generation Nexus 7 tablet in July, says Reuters


Reuters Google and Asustek to release nextgen Nexus 7 tablet in July

Google’s next generation of Nexus 7 tablets from ASUS will be Qualcomm-powered and arrive this July, according to Reuters. If its sources are to be believed, Mountain View is aiming to ship eight million units by the end of the year, showing it has a lot of confidence in the upcoming model. Other leaked info claims more screen resolution, a thinner bezel and an unspecified Qualcomm CPU instead of the current model’s NVIDIA Tegra 3, possibly to save power. There’s no info on pricing or other specs and Google’s not speaking at this point, of course — but if it proves accurate, hopefully the two companies have learned their lesson from the current model’s runaway success and will ramp production accordingly.

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Source: Reuters

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