Saturday, July 13, 2024

Flixster is now on the Xbox 360, UltraViolet library in-hand


Flixster is now on the Xbox 360, UltraViolet library inhand

Warner Bros.-owned social networking slash film service Flixster is now available on the Xbox 360, bringing with it the Rotten Tomatoes rating aggregation service and UltraViolet cloud integration. As Xbox 360 apps tend to be, Flixster costs nothing and only functions if you’ve got an Xbox Live account. Beyond simple controller or media remote input, Flixster’s Xbox 360 app employs Kinect for gesture and voice-based navigation. Special for this platform is the ability to play back those UltraViolet-linked video files in HD; it’s the first Flixster app to do so, although Vudu had that capability already.

With today’s app addition, the grand total of video service apps on the Xbox 360 is hovering just around a hojillion. Seriously, there are kind of a lot of different options, and we’re hoping Microsoft’s got a more cohesive strategy for the next version of the Xbox gaming console. The most recent rumors involve an HDMI-in port, allowing cable boxes to integrate with the console — codenamed “Durango” and / or “Kryptos” — but there’s no mention of a NintendoTVii-esque service to tie disparate video services under a single software umbrella. The 360’s Bing functionality aimed to solve that issue, but sadly never lived up to our expectations.

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