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Finally, you can bring a DualShock 3 with you to play mobile phone games


Finally, you can bring a DualShock 3 with you to play mobile phone games

On Sony’s upcoming Xperia SP mobile handset, you’ll be able to control various PlayStation Mobile titles using the PlayStation 3’s ubiquitous DualShock 3 controller. Sure, it seems a bit strange to us that you’d want to carry a full game console controller with you, but then it’s also a much better option for games with virtual buttons. And hey, Sony’s not the only one employing such strange logic, so who are we to judge?

Anyway, the controller functionality seems locked to Sony’s Xperia SP phone for now, but it’s likely to head elsewhere before too long (at very least to the rest of Sony’s Xperia line, if not all PlayStation Mobile-enabled devices) — we’ve asked the company for more info, but have yet to hear back. Since the DualShock 3 connects via Bluetooth, pairing the DualShock 3 with the Xperia SP is a snap; simply connect via USB, pair the devices, and you’re off the races (or the shooting, or whatever game you’re playing). After doing so, you’ll be able to reconnect without wires in subsequent uses by holding down the PlayStation button in the middle of the DualShock 3. For a quick walkthrough of how it works, head past the break for a snazzy video showing off just that.

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