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EE has lured 318,000 customers to 4G since launching five months ago (updated)


EE draws 318,000 3 percent  of its customers to 4G, says its on track

EE’s just released its Q1 2013 earnings, giving us a look at its first full quarter with 4G services. The carrier says it’s on track to its goal of a million 4G customers by the end of the year, thanks to the addition or migration of 318,000 LTE customers since the service launched.. Despite those more profitable clients, however, total service revenue (excluding hardware sales) was down 1.5 percent for the period over last quarter, to £1.42 billion. On one hand, the number of 4G additions could be seen as disappointing considering the company’s strong marketing push of the service — though on the other, the company’s only just activated numerous regions, making that one million 4G subscriber goal seem more likely than not. We’ll just have to wait a bit longer to see if Brits are really in love with LTE’s extra zip — and willing to pay for it.

Update: This article originally stated that EE added 318,000 4G customers in Q1 this year, but that figure actually represents the number of users the carrier has added since launching its 4G service. five months ago

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