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Crucial M500 SSD review round-up: 960GB at $600 is cheapest in class, available now


DNP Crucial M500 SSD review roundup 960GB at $600 is cheapest among peers, available now

Crucial’s budget-friendly yet high-capacity 2.5-inch M500 SSD has finally cropped up for sale today, as have the reviews of it from the usual enthusiast sites. While it’s still not exactly low-cost, many applaud the fact that the company’s $600 960GB drive is the cheapest near-1TB model you can get on the market. It uses Micron’s 20nm MLC NAND flash, a SATA 6 Gb/s controller and is the first to implement the new 128Gb MLC NAND die. According to Benchmark Reviews, it certainly bests its m4 predecessor with peak speeds that reach 500 MB/s read and 400 MB/s write, with 80,000 IOPS in operational performance.

Both TweakTown and Anandtech concur that it’s not quite as fast as its closest competitor, the Samsung 840 Pro, but as Anand Lai Shimpi said in his review: “If you need the capacity and plan on using all of it [960GB], the M500 is really the only game in town.” TechnologyX, however, gives the nod to the 480GB model, if only because it’s about $200 cheaper if you’re willing to compromise on space. Crucial also offers the M500 in 120GB and 240GB for $130 and $220 for those with smaller wallets. If you’re keen to see the full breakdown on this tiny wonder, head on over to the sources to judge for yourself, or just click on the Crucial link below to get your own.

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Source: Benchmark Reviews, Tweaktown, Anandtech, TechnologyX, Crucial

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