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Code Editors – Great help for Developers and Designers


Now a days, it is quite common for website designers and developers to use a coding editor to make their websites catchy and attractive.

Whenever you search for a code editor, there come a lot of searches for editors. But all code editors are not there to fulfill your requirements. Most of them are outdated and do not have new features according to the catchy design requirements.

Here comes the solution of your problem. In this article some code editors are described which you must consider compulsory for better designs.


Thimble gives you the easiest way to create and design your pages. Open thimble in your browser and you can easily edit your pages by editing CSS and HTML. And at the same time you can preview the changes you perform in your language. With a single click you can share your pages.

Code mirror:

Codemirror provides a code editor to color your code and to help you in web designing and development. It is a component of java script. It supports the languages of CSS, PHP, JavaScript and HTML


JsBin is an online code editor and its main focus is on java scripting. Code can be edited and preview at the same time. When you are satisfied with your editing code you can easily save it.


Ecoder is an online code editor and simple to use. With Ecoder you can edit multiple files at the same time. Folders can be created and files can be uploaded easily in this code editor. Ecoder works in the browsers in which java script is enabled.


Codeita is software used for the prototype and development of websites and applications. Users can work together socially to create, edit and save their projects. Users work as a team member. Users can save and manage their files and databases by using a dashboard.


Compilr is an online code editor which allows the developers and designers to compile their website designs online. Compilr supports over a dozen languages encompassing both understood and combined dialect with more dialects being supplemented all the time. You can currently compile Java, C#, VB .NET and XNA. Developers can use C#, C, C++, Ruby, VB .NET and PHP.

Compilr code editor is full of the standard characteristics you’d anticipate to see in an IDE, characteristics like syntax highlighting, keyboard shortcuts, etc.


Cloud9 is the most popular code editor for designers and developers. It is an online environment for IDE development and it uses Node.js. Ruby, PHP, CSS, HTML, Java and other 23 languages are also included in the language list.


Dabblet is use to test CSS snippet and HTML coding. Website developers and designers can easily save their work in Dabblet code editor and share this with others.


Codeanywhere is an online code editor and supports all the web formats like HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, and JavaScript.

eXo Cloud IDE:

It is the best editor to perform social coding, with eXo Cloud IDE collaborative development of gadgets and applications can be done easily.

There are many code editors available online but you should be enough hardworking to avail these online editors.


JsFiddle is a best web playground created for the web designers and developers. It is used to separate the bugs and give the facility to share the code with others.

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