Saturday, July 13, 2024

AU Optronics says it’ll bring a 5-inch, 1080P OLED display to market soon


AU Optronics says it'll bring a 5inch 1080P OLED display to market soon

AU Optronics will soon join Samsung at an exclusive table for two making 5-inch, full-HD OLED smartphone displays. It’ll show off the technology at the China Optoelectronics Display expo starting tomorrow, promising 443 ppi, lower power consumption, fast response times and wide viewing angles. While others build 1,080 x 1,920 LCD screens for models like HTC’s One, currently Samsung has a monopoly on OLEDs of that size and resolution. However, it likely wants to set those aside for its soon-to-ship 5-inch, 1080p Galaxy S 4 — so, AU’s announcement could be good news for other handset makers seeking something punchier than LCD for that form factor.

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