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The Essential Features and benefits of Google GoMo


With the increase and advancement in the mobile phone industry, lots of websites owners began to develop the mobile version of their sites. It is very obvious that the number of people that access websites through mobile devices is more than those that do so through desktop. The reason for this is very obvious. Mobile devices are handy and therefore can be carried about to any place you want. You can even surf the internet in public vehicles and places that would have been inadequate to do the same thing with desktop devices. This is the major reason why Google released the Google GoMo as this article discusses.

What is Google GoMo?

Lots of people will not be familiar with Google GoMo but website developers should be aware of this important software. This is Google’s aid to enable your website have mobile user interface and also friendly UX without spending lots of money in coming about the process. It is interesting to know that so many designers and entrepreneurs have already taken advantage of this wonderful feature of Google and thus took their businesses to a notable top position.

Importance of GoMo

Google GoMo has lots of advantages that cannot be overemphasized and we are going to discuss them in details in this article.

–          Google is the leader in internet search and surfing. So many people turn over to Google in order to search out whatever they want. This should suggest to you the impart which Google GoMo would have in your website. It will be easier for people to use your website when its mobile version is in Google GoMo.

–          Mobile phone use is the order of the day in the world today. Lots of people prefer to use mobile phones in making internet search. Google GoMo offers top notch features that make it possible for your mobile site built on it to be highly optimized. Research shows that the number of people that make use of mobile phone for internet activity increases geometrically each year.

–          Google GoMo makes it possible for you to create mobile version of your website at cheap cost. Several other methods are very costly and therefore are not alternatives to Google GoMo.

GoMo Meter – Testing your website

A wonderful feature incorporated into Google GoMo is the Google Meter. With this feature, it becomes possible to test your website on a mobile device. The GoMo Meter helps you in finding what your business is. In the same way, others can find what your business offers through Google GoMo.

Easy building of Mobile websites

With Google GoMo, it is easy to build your mobile website without coding and lots of financial involvements. Mobile websites which would have otherwise taken lots of time to build take very short time to accomplish with the aid of Google GoMo. Google GoMo is therefore very useful and the quickest solution to mobile devices. Developers all around the world are turning to it because of its wonderful facilities and features.



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