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Separate Motorola X-Phone details refute recent rumors


Well, it’s not as if we expected anything else, but the X-Phone rumors from yesterday are being called into question. You know that 16-megapixel camera we thought sounded outlandish? Yeah, that. And the Tegra 4i chipset? That, too.

According to Ausdroid, the Motorola X-Phone will feature more modest hardware than the stuff being reported  yesterday. Citing an anonymous, well-placed source, the site tells of a quite different experience. In fact, the new details do not speak of anything called the Motorola NXT, simply the X-Phone.

  • Camera will be 10mp rear (unconfirmed front of 5mp).
  • 5 inch 1080HD screen (although currently Motorola are having troubles sourcing a secure supplier for this screen and may move down to the 4.7 1080 HD if supplies are available for launch).
  • It will be a Qualcomm dual core processor but unknown on exact details.

Allegedly, the X-Phone will not get a full-on global rollout and that Australian carriers may be left in the lurch.

Motorola are only going in invest into countries that can guarantee a 25k sell-in of the device for the major carrier (Telstra in this case) which as yet Australia cannot commit to.

With barely two months to go before Google IO takes place, we should expect more details to surface for the X-Phone. And, with such a high profile device such as this, chances are good that we’ll see conflicting reports and rumors.



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