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Home News NASA James Webb Space Telescope arrives at SXSW

NASA James Webb Space Telescope arrives at SXSW

The scientists and engineers of NASA were able to bring the NASA James Webb Space Telescope to SXSW despite terrible weather conditions. The telescope, which is set to be officially released in 2018, will be able to peer farther into the universe to discover all of the crazy and interesting mysteries that Space has to offer. The telescope is available for viewing to over 30,000 attendees of the SXSW festival.

NASA James Web Space Telescope arrives at SXSW

The telescope is a giant step forward for space discovery. It is said to be able to view far into the universe to discover distant galaxies. It will be able to scan “alien planet atmospheres for signs of the ingredients of life.” The scientists hope to be able to find the first light that came out after the Big Bang. The telescope itself is extremely huge. It is able to fit up to Seven Hubble Space Telescope mirrors into just one of its mirrors. It’s currently placed on the lawn at the Long Center for the Performing Arts in Austin, Texas.

The attendees will be able to view the materials the James Webb telescope is composed of inside of the space telescope’s tent. All of the components are extremely light. 5 super-thin sheets compose the heat shield on the telescope that helps reduce its temperature by up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The telescope is also built to withstand all of the terrible weather conditions Mother Nature has to offer.

The scientists and engineers brought the NASA James Webb Space Telescope to SXSW in order to entice young attendees to pursue a career in science and engineering. The hands-on demonstrations and the descriptions of the telescope are ways to “pique their curiosity.” And apparently the rainy weather that they’re having at SXSW is actually working in favor of the scientists. People are finding refuge from the rain inside of the space telescope’s tent.

[via Los Angeles Times]

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