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Images And Infographics Are The Best Media For SEO


Content is very important when it comes to SEO, because that’s what creates the backbone of a blog. Some may ask what is content? It’s things such as text, images, video and audio podcasts presented in various ways. For a long time content has ruled in this industry unlike images that were not as famous because they couldn’t be indexed by the search engines. In addition images are incapable of carrying “ anchor text” backlinks. This seems very minimal in the SEO that’s why they are often ignored. Changes have taken place unlike a few years ago, with new series such as Google, Panda, and Penguin who made enormous changes in the SEO world.

Due to the fact that some of the text content isn’t good enough images are used instead. Knowing that there’s a demand for both natural and editorial links than text links which may be corrupted. Google and all other major engines are in need of such thus creating an edge for images over the text content.

Images can get the best quality back links for your website

So many people who frequent the social media especially Facebook are curious to see the pictures posted by their friends. This earns a lot comments and likes. Another social network that can help one share images is Pinterest.  For the lovers of photography this is the place to be. The images should be used effectively to build links because that’s how the trend is.

Choice of the Images

There’s a very high possibility of the images posted in the social networks to be viral depending on how they are spread. Not to worry because info graphics can be a solution. They tend to be easily accepted by people from all groups as long they have important information, famous quotes, fun facts and statistical in nature. Though it can be a tiresome affair but famous quotes related to the niche would work.  This can work well in branding because it helps to promote the brand, especially for events such as charity, health campaigns among others. It can also be a unique feature that will sell both for you and the brand.

The Link Building Strategy

To get the info graphic recognized you need to include a company logo and publish within your website. Also sharing it in sites such as Pinterest with a link or publishing in your official blog. The link should be located back to the original source thus gives growth and originality. There lies a solution to gaining natural links just engage socially with info graphics and images. Then the deal is sealed.

The Magic Of Social Media Engagement

As time goes by and the images are spread to various sites the blog gains popularity. Since the URL on your website is carried by the info graphic as the original source the websites receive quality social signals and links. This can be used by Google and other major search engines. That’s how social engagement will work for you.


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