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How to Increase Sales and Leads all the way through Your Blog


Do you know how to hit business community through your blog? Do you want to increase your sale? Yes, lots of business sites have been introduced on internet and people are getting lots of customers via blog. If you are serious guy and want to earn money via blog then you must have focus on your traffic that will help in enhancing sales and leads if you have weak offers and ineffective calls-to-action, it will be a positive point for you.

Discussed herein, are different means through which you can boost website conversions thereby enabling you to become a certified lead.

#1: Enhance your calls-to-actions

Where on your blog are calls-to-actions placed? To increase sales and leads, you need to place call-to-action on a location where the reader does not need to scroll down. According to a recent research, most contents appearing on the second page of the screen are rarely viewed. Moreover, you need to make your calls-to-action attractive in order to increase leads in your blog.

#2: Is your audience getting your message?

Your call-to-action needs to be clearer. Do not leave room for guesswork. For instance, if you are offering your readers free guides, let them know it is free. You can state something like “Download a Free Guide to Losing Weight”. This is much better than something like “Download Guide to Losing Weight Now”. If your message is not clear, you won’t be able to generate any leads to your blog.

#3: Combine images with text

Images tend to stand out compared to plain text. Moreover, images have the tendencies to draw readers to particular areas of the webpage. If you have an offer which you would like your readers to find out about, you are more likely to achieve this by making use of images instead of text.

#4: The colors used on your blog ought to contrast with the theme color

A number of web designers are against using contrasting colors while building a website. But, if the color of the call-to-action is the same as the color used on the blog’s theme, you won’t be able to alert your readers. The reason for placing call-to-actions is to ensure that hundreds of people look at it. You cannot generate leads if visitors to your blog are unable to view the call-to-action.

#5: Add hyperlinks to your calls-to-action

Interestingly, millions of bloggers fail to add hyperlinks to their calls-to-action. Absences of links make it hard for visitors to locate offers and discounts, and as such they are more likely to give up. Before publishing your content, go through it at least twice to guarantee that call-to-actions are there.

#6: Put call-to-actions on relevant webpages

The greatest mistake you can make is to make a call-to-action that is a one-size-fits all. If you are offering different products and services, create call-to-actions that are specific to every product or service. By doing so, you will be able to link the CTA to webpages with the actual products or services.

Lastly, consider adding call-to-actions on every on every new blog post. Note that, readers always look for free information from their favorite blogs or sites.


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