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Exclusive applications for iOS devices




Designers are constantly at work in order to discover new thing that will stun the world. It does not matter where they are at each point in time, designers are constantly on research whether in public transport, friend’s house, restaurants and lots more. The days of paper and biro are gone and you do not expect professional designers to carry about paper and draw with biro.

Smartphone iOS devices

With the aid of iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, you can put down your latest sketch and discoveries no matter where you are. All you need is the right application for that and then the deed is done. Not only for designers, students in various academic institutions do not need to write with biro and notebook; iOS devices and their applications make it easy for you today. This article discuss some applications that enable you perform some of these functions. These applications are products of technological increase in the modern time.

Wonders of Adobe Ideas

Adobe is a software group known for its impart in PCs. However, it has turned over to Smartphone devices with emphasis on iOS devices. With Adobe Ideas installed in your iPhone or iPad, you can put down any detail that appear in your head and even make some amazing drawings. Designers can maximize this application in producing powerful designs. It gives you the opportunity to draw wonderful diagrams with stylus. However, the large screen of iPad makes it better for use in drawing with Adobe ideas than the small screen of iPhone.

Sketchbook Mobile

This app has lots of tools that make it similar to adobe idea however it has more. It can help you to create a masterpiece of artwork and also send it to your PC in order to continue with the process of editing the artwork. The Sketchbook Mobile is a very wonderful tool indeed for designers.


Penultimate is a tool which can only be used in iPad. It can be used to make any kind of note instead of using notebooks and biro. This tool can be used by college students for note making. Technology has really gone a long way in modernizing our life. Easy and fast sketches can be made with penultimate; however, its incompatibility with iPhone is the major disadvantage it has.


WhatTheFont is another iOS application that functions in exactly as its name sounds. This application can be used to detect the exact font you see anywhere. Assuming you see a wonderful font in a poster or handbill and desire to use it in your later design, WhatTheFont can help you. All you need is to capture the font with your iOS device and then the application will quickly sort through its font directory to choose the exact match. You can then use the font in your design or anyone very close to it.

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