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Top Reasons Why Your Blog Getting Down


Blogging business has done wonders for webmasters and individuals. It has become one of the money-spinning sectors. Since vicissitudes are part and parcel of business life so is with the blog business. There can be a situation that your blog is not working for you. It is not making money or your intended purpose is not solved. Below are mentioned some widely committed mistakes by the bloggers which results in a severe downturn of the blog business.

1.    Using your blog as a heavy advertisement shop

This is foremost reason why several blogs are getting down because they are made advertisement hub. Too many advertisements on the blog makes the page heavy and it makes surfing or browsing difficult for the users. They will simply close the window and move to another page. Various pay per click ads distract the focus of the users and there is no central point left. To be effective properly place only one or two advertisements on your blog and do not over stuff it.

2.    Trying to convey a number of crux in one blog only

Keep your blog meaningful and of optimum length. Do not expect that it will depict your number of ideas in one go only. Moreover, do not bury your blog essence make it highlighted so that user will quickly get the real meaning. Many blog readers are impatient and like to spend 15-20 seconds on a single blog and not more than that if meaning is conveyed its fine if not they do not care. If somehow you are not able to control the word limit make it into 2-3 blogs instead stuffing in into only one.

3.    Using Vague Layout and Not being clear

Make the readers know what do you intend. If you want them to click on a certain link convey it. If you want them to subscribe your updates write it clearly in your blog. These things along with the central idea play an indispensable part in the promotion of your blog. If you intend that users should share your post put a note regarding it.

4.    Using bogus Information and boring themes

This is one of the prominent reasons why your blog is not working for you. Research thoroughly on the subject before writing your blog and install an enticing user friendly theme on your blog. Your theme can also correlate to the subject of your blog and never write fake information display it comprehensively in your blog. Some day definitely it will be exposed and your blog reputation will be sullied.

5.    Not properly installing and using vital plug-ins

Plug-ins are an essential part of the WordPress users. They facilitate the conversation between you and different users. They enhance your blog rankings on the search engines and internet. They enable you to create a sitemap quickly and bloggers certainly know the value if sitemap.

Keeping above crucial points into consideration and strictly abolishing them from your blog writing regimen will certainly make your blog a successful and recognized blog of the world.


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