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The basic of SEO Campaign


For all business who want rankings, visibility and traffic to their sites must have SEO to, since it creates the means whereby the business will be able to get the numbers, ranking and visibility it greatly needs

A site relying only on SEO as a means of survival might feel the effects of unsuccess, it’s not the SEO that will drive your web business to success, rather there are some factors that are so relevant and important to have been implemented at the onset of it all. Below I shall enlighten you on the basics.

Crawlability: having a system whereby you could monitor the actuality of the search engine optimization functionality in relation to your sits. You should be able to know whether it’s achieving the purpose it was intended for and this is easily checked by the Crawlability of search engines on your the site. The Robo setting could easily prevent search engines from crawling your site and have to be checked.

It’s important when you change certain settings in your site, you check for repercussions which may not be immediately felt and would go on silent.

Relevancy of the keywords: guessing on keywords is the worst idea a site owner could do. Also getting keywords from other sites that have become successful may not bear much fruit either, their situation and yours may be very different, and what applies to them might not apply to you. Thorough research should be conducted to ascertain the best and most relevant keyword for you.

Are keywords being optimized?: keywords are relevant to your content and should be used where possible and should be relevant to the content of the article, placing the keywords at least once or twice is recommended. Always remember when placing keywords, they should not be more than 3% of the overall text content.

Internal linking: yes backlinks are important, but equally important is the internal linkages or your site. Internal linkages are liked by search engines, and the juice from the links have a rippling effect to other pages on your site spreading like a virus, though in this case, having good effects to your site. Internal linkages have the effect of reducing the bounce rate successfully and guaranteeing you the growth of your site. Another great benefit, is that it creates a greater read and with good contend  this will leads to greater hours being spent on your site for your readers. Google this day is looking at this aspect to determine the popularity of a site together with other criteria which is will use to assess also the ranking of the site. Making the site more focus on your readers instead occupying yourself with SEO requirements all the time. Losing focus on why you started the site is what mostly kill most sites online, and also instead of attracting search engines, they become invisible to them, thereby reducing your traffic drastically and that what you really want.

With all this in mind, now I know you can successfully run a good internet business with the right mindset and knowledge acquired.



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