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Starting point of Blogging: from where blogging originated



Discussion itself plays a major role in study, research and development. Now a days, web services or internet plays an important role in collecting information on different topics. Also for successful research or analysis of a particular topic, group discussion plays an important role. With the help of group discussion, one can share its knowledge, idea or experience with the other one who really needs it. From last few years, blogging is playing an important role in these kinds of discussions. But it will be very interesting to know about the origin of blogging and its development.

In 1999, Peter Merholz introduced the term ‘Blog’ which was basically derived from the term ‘Weblog’ which was derived by John Barger in 1997. And the group of people using blog for discussions or group studies were names as ‘Blogger’ later on. There were many communication or discussion concepts were available before blogging like Bulletin Board system (BBS). Usenet, CompuServe etc. After the development of internet forum software, the websites were having an online diary which was basically consisting of some threads on different topics. Later on, these diaries were converted to blogs.

There were various tools developed in 1999, which helped blog to become popular among the other discussion forums in its range. Let’s discuss them in detail one by one.

  • Open Diary:It was launched in 1998 by Bruce Albeson, from which many online diaries were developed later on. The facility for the reader to comment the post was first developed by open diary and hence it gained the popularity in very short time.
  • Live journal:It was a journal like concept started by Brad Fitzpatrick in the end of 1999.
  • Dairy Land:It focussed much on personal communication through diary. It again came into existence in the end of 1999.
  • Pitas.com:It was developed in 1999 by Andrew Smales where the separate page for blog was developed in the website where the blogging or forum discussion can be made. It also gained much popularity in that time for its convenient features about blogging.
  • Blogger.com:Blogger.com was launched by Evan Williams and Meg Hourianof Pyra Laboratories in 1999 was one of the advanced tools of blogging. It again became more popular than all the other products in the range due to all its advanced features like posting, commenting, rating, voting etc. And then it was purchased by Google in 2003 and then it was owned product of Google from then.


From that time, Blogging is continuously gaining popularity among the online discussion forums and all that. Since last few years, after the rise of the concept of social networking, the scope of Blogging is not restricted to only Study or Research. Now many political, Social, Glamour and Sport Blogs are becoming more popular among the youth. So for all internet literate people are showing more and more interest in such king of social activities like support, protest and suggestions to contribute in the process of revolution to be started by themselves. So, in near future, Blogging will be one of the major factor causing the revolution in any community.


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