Slow boot up times are a very frustrating thing for the PC user. While you could just turn off unneeded programs that automatically start up as the PC boots up through the Windows Task Manager, it doesn’t really help drastically improve the boot up speed; all that does is speed it up a little bit. Not knowing what causes the slow boot times contributes to the problem. Like all problems, there is a solution to this one, and that solution is a start-up management program called Soluto.

What makes Soluto special

While there are many start-up managers all over the Internet, Soluto is different from them. Other start-up managers only let you change the start up settings, while offering little to no support after using them. Soluto, however, uses a kernel-level process that is always running, always gathering information through every boot-up. It is also free to use and install, making it an obvious plus.

How to use Soluto

            Now that you have an idea of how useful and special Soluto is, you can now start off by downloading it from their main site. After that, simply install Soluto and follow the instructions. Should be easy.

Once it is installed, you will be required to reboot your system. Do just that and the first screen that comes up should be a window that tells you your PC is being analyzed. Soluto will then look for an active Internet connection and will detect all the applications during the PC’s start up.

After all that, you will be shown a screen containing details of its analysis. Through this screen, Soluto will tell you different details, like how long it took for your PC to boot up, how many applications ran during the boot up sequence, and which different types of applications are the ones you can stop from automatically starting up during the sequence, along with their importance. “No brainer” applications are highlighted in green, and as aptly named, programs that can easily be removed from the start up sequence. “Potentially removable” applications are highlighted in orange, and while they are removable during the start up sequence, it would take an advanced user to do so. “Required” applications are highlighted in gray, and cannot be removed from the start up sequence, so you don’t have to worry about them. The green section of the window can also reveal more about its contents. This screen shows the specific time it needs for each of the programs in the category to start up, which the users can choose to “Pause” or “Delay”. Delaying a program in the list will cause Soluto to put that program on hold as the PC starts up; when the PC goes idle anytime while it is on, the delayed programs will then start up. After you finish up choosing which programs to pause or delay and whatnot, you will then see a new estimated time for the PC to boot up, which should be less than the previous time.

Don’t forget that this program will always be running in the background; if it being on somehow messes with the PC performance, you can choose to turn it off with the taskbar. And that is all on the start-up manager known as Soluto.


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