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Social Bookmarking Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you are considering using several Social Bookmarking portals for promoting your site, you need to know which one is the best tool to utilize as well as the common mistakes that you must avoid in this regard. In this post, I am to list down the most common mistakes that people commit while carrying out their social bookmarking campaigns.

–          Give Right Titles

There have been a number of times, when the webmasters opt for SEO companies so that they can carry out their social bookmarking campaigns. Often Webmasters end up with such SEO service providers that are not experienced or professional, they get to face terrible consequences. The biggest mistake in this regard is that there are unprofessional Submitters who come up with irrelevant titles while working on the submissions. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for professional and skilled SEO service providers that create merely the search engine friendly titles.

–          Choose Relevant Keywords

Keywords and tags are the tools that aid your website to be noticed on several social bookmarking sites. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your site gets appropriate attention, select keywords and tags that are relevant to your website. Moreover, do not make use of generalized keywords that others may also be used. This is going to help you to a great extent in detracting from the visibility of your website.

–          Do Not Spam

It is recommended that you must never spam the websites. While you are considering creating or building the link power via these social bookmarking, do not sell the products or services in private messages. Placing marketing or promotional messages regarding your website on these portals is a big mistake and perhaps will ruin your brand’s reputation.

–          Use Different Pages On Bookmarking Sites

This happens to be the most common mistake that most people commit and that is by mailing the page URL to their prospects if their websites only. This should be avoided at all costs and also prefer bookmarking other pages of the site too. This is going to make your social bookmarking campaign more useful and effective.

–          Do not Use Any Programs or Applications

It is recommended not to make use of any submission tool or software for bookmarking your site. Not fully automating the entire procedure is not very useful and crucial. All bookmarks should be done manually, and it will make sure that the entire process is done easily and is search engine friendly. This way, you are not going to face any kind of approval issues.

–          Choose Related Category

If you have to pick a certain category when submitting your bookmarks, it is important that you choose the most appropriate and suitable one. Moreover, do not make a random submission when you are bookmarking.

To conclude, social bookmarking happens to be an extremely useful tool which aids in drawing more and more visitors towards your site. Before you move ahead, you need to make sure that you are avoiding all of these common mistakes mentioned above to have a beneficial, useful and effective social bookmarking campaign.


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