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Home Comparison HTC Droid DNA vs. J Butterfly vs. Butterfly: fight!

HTC Droid DNA vs. J Butterfly vs. Butterfly: fight!

HTC Droid DNA vs J Butterfly vs Butterfly fly!

HTC made quite an impression when it launched the Droid DNA with Verizon a couple of months ago, and we’re happy to say that its Butterfly variants on the other side of the world — namely Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), India and China — have achieved similar success, with some areas struggling to keep up with the surprising demand. Still, if you’re in the market to pick up one of these 5-inch quad-core beauties, it’s worth noting the subtle physical and technical differences between them. At HTC’s Frequencies event this week, we had the rare chance to get all four (yes, four!) models side by side, so read on for our detailed comparison.

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