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How to generate revenue with YouTube income sharing program


YouTube has been known to play music but another angle has been added to this program. People are now using it for advertising knowing that people all over the world love and watch it. Other ways of advertising have been used over the years to bring in more revenue and also create an awareness. It’s in competition with other social networks such as Facebook which is pulling crowds and thus creating an avenue for revenue sharing. Often on a video you find brand advertising either at the top or at the bottom.

income sharing program

This idea has come up to be used to get the attention of the people who frequently use you tube to watch and share their videos. Any program has its rules and the entry to this specific one you need to have an account with Google Adsense then receive an invite from you tube. The video has to be original not copyrighted  in order to have response from YouTube. It should also have both distribution rights and  video copyrights to accompany it and finally a good following. Some hit songs have been known to attract a large number of following worldwide giving them a higher mileage to other songs. With a following of around 1000 then this can earn you an invitation from You Tube to be part of the program. Information about the video will be good to enlighten the details.

Entry to this program starts off a money making journey for you. Attached to the video will be ads that people view before watching your video and earn some money to your account. This will also attract more people and can be done using one or more video depending on how many you upload.

YouTube Monetization

To expand the program and reach more people who are not part of it . This also works for the videos that have a large following.  This tip might for those who want to earn some revenue

  • Uploading quality videos which have good sound and pictures. HD  type of videos are most preferred.
  • The video should attract people from the title that is seen on it. Should be intriguing to capture an a viewer.
  • The content found in the video should be quality.

The program sounds very good but there certain things that need to be put into account;

  • The privilege to choose ads isn’t in your hands.
  • The earnings may not come as fast as expected but accrues with time.
  • The ads may cause disturbance to the viewers each time they want to watch the video.
  • Originality of the video matters a lot and the copyrights too.

For all the YouTube lovers this might be a good catch to earn some extra cash. It may not come as fast but with time it adds up. A start to this program will be a step to increasing your subscription and get to associate with other companies. A little goes a mile so better something smaller than nothing at all.


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