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Any.Do app review


Any.Do headerBeing a college student, it’s often hard to stay organized. My goal for this semester is to be more organized, prepared, and on top of things, and I couldn’t do that without some help. A few weeks ago, I ran across Any.Do on Google+. I’ve since lost the original post, but it caught my eye in a screenshot, so I jumped over to the Google Play Store to check it out. Now, I’ve used other to-do list apps in the past, but none of them ever really worked for me. They either didn’t have the functionality I needed, or they were just plain unattractive. Any.Do knocks both of these out of the park with a simple, minimal design and great features.

Screenshot_2013-02-12-20-33-27[1]I was surprised by the simplicity of Any.Do as soon as I opened the app. Users are greeted with a simple list broken into four sections: Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming, and Someday. Obviously each of these has their own purpose, and users can move tasks from one to the next as they please. So if I don’t find time to do my prelab today, I can move it to tomorrow. Creating a task is easy and intuitive. Just start typing in the bar at the top, and Any.Do will start predicting your task, whether it’s “buy groceries,” or “take out the trash.” Even contacts show up when typing, making it easier to assign tasks to certain people. For example, I could type “dad,” and Any.Do would give me options like “Call dad,” or “Meet dad.” It just makes sense, and it’s done very well.

Screenshot_2013-02-12-21-19-36[1]Once users have finished typing the task, a simple tap of the blue icon at the right of the text bar is all that’s needed to add the task to the list. Any.Do has also integrated a voice button, so you can speak your tasks if you’re in a hurry. Within the app, users can mark a task as done by simply swiping to the right on that task. If this is done by accident, the user can simply swipe back to the left to undo the mark. Tasks that have been marked as complete move to the bottom of the list, and have a line through them to indicate their completion. Again, it’s a simple concept done very well.

Screenshot_2013-02-12-21-28-58The settings for Any.Do are about as simplistic as the app itself. Users can create and edit folders for certain tasks, like Personal and Work. There’s also an option to change themes (there are only two: light and dark), as well as enabling or disabling a constant notification for tasks, missed calls, etc. Users can also enable shake-to-update, and set the first day of the week. Moving down the list, the language can be changed, as well as notification sounds. Any.Do has also added a list of tasks that have been marked as “done,” and users can unmark them or delete them. Finally, users can create backups, just in case.

Screenshot_2013-02-12-21-34-00[1]One of my favorite features of Any.Do has to be the list of widgets. There are five widgets, although I’ve found the scrollable 4×2 widget to be the best for my needs. These widgets are both simple and useful, just like the app itself. Users can mark tasks as complete, scroll down the list of tasks, and jump right into adding a new task. Unfortunately, adding a new task directly from the widget isn’t possible, as it jumps into the app to do so. The widget follows the theme of the app, so you won’t have a dark-themed app and light-themed widget at the same time. Having a widget on my homescreen is a constant reminder of what I have to get done, and it keeps me on my toes.

Any.Do is an amazing, simple, functional to-do list app that just works. There aren’t a bunch of hoops to jump through, users can enjoy a minimal UI, and it’s just very easy to use. I’m glad that I came across this app, as it’s helped me get more organized and stay on top of what I have to accomplish. Of course, Any.Do could be used as a simple grocery list, or for many other purposes. But if you’re looking for a great to-do list app, look no further. I’ve been blown away by the simplicity and usefulness of Any.Do, and it’s going to remain installed on my devices for quite some time. If you’d like to give Any.Do a try for yourself, you can download it below.

What We Liked

  • Very simple UI
  • Themes are a nice touch
  • Widgets are functional, scrollable, and just plain useful
  • Gets the job done without a ton of bells and whistles

Room for Improvement

  • Having the ability to add a task directly from the widget, without jumping into the app itself.
  • Users may enjoy a few more themes. A light blue or soft red theme might be nice.

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