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Windows Phone now home to 120k apps, downloads and dev revenue rising post-WP8


DNP Windows Phone now home to 120,000 apps, downloads and dev revenue on the ups postWP8

Windows Phone 8 is a roaring success! That is if you ask the platform’s Senior Director, Todd Brix, who tweeted today that developer revenues and downloads have doubled since its launch in November. While this sounds all good, what does it really mean? Back in June, the former Windows Phone Marketplace surpassed 100,000 published apps. To further gauge the platform’s progress, Nokia recently announced that the Windows Phone Store now has over 120,000 apps, with 46 of the top 50 iOS and Android applications being available for WP8.

While today’s vague declaration of success didn’t reveal any specific numbers, a 20 percent software increase in under six months is definitely something to smile about. As much as we’d like to slap Microsoft a high-five, we’ll have to save our jubilation until we get a little something more concrete — hopefully a set of official statistics will Surface sooner than later.

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Source: Todd Brix (Twitter), Nokia

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