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Wii Homebrew channel sneaks onto Wii U, sticks with what it knows


Wii Homebrew channel sneaks onto Wii U, sticks with what it knows

Back in 2010, Ninteno’s waggle-riffic wonder would occasionally pulsate with a charming blue glow: update me, it said, I have hackers to fight. Although its efforts were quickly circumvented by Hackmii’s LetterBomb installer, the Wii’s 4.3 update was Nintendo’s last stand against the homebrew community — it hasn’t offered an update since. That isn’t to say Kyoto’s game giant gave up, though; Wii U owners can find a tweaked version of the system menu hidden away in the system’s backwards compatibility mode, featuring just enough updated code to block existing exploits. It didn’t take the community long to catch up, though — the homebrew channel was working its way onto select systems using tried and true methods since launch day.

Now, the HackMii team has compiled an official installer, letting the average joe bypass the menu’s IOS files with ease. Like the PlayStation Vita’s PSP-based homebrew loader, this exploit is trapped in the sandbox of its original hardware, effectively blocking it form making the most of the Wii U’s fancy internals. It’s a modest start (and perhaps a little too easy), but its encouraging to see both Nintendo and the modding community sticking to their guns. Check out HackMii’s fancywork at the source below, and give us a buzz if you manage to find your way outside of Nintendo’s last-gen sandbox.

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Via: Joystiq

Source: HackMii, Hack a day

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