Thursday, July 25, 2024

Visualized: pedal power lights Christmas trees the eco-friendly way


Visualized pedal power lights Christmas trees the ecofriendly way

When many are increasingly conscious of how their lighting impacts the environment, Christmas tree lights can feel like giant bundles of excess energy consumption. We’re not advocating that anyone shelve a centuries-old tradition, but we’ve noticed a growing trend towards alternatives that help save the Earth… at least, if you don’t mind cutting a tree down. Take Electric Pedals’ two new trees outside London’s Southbank Centre, for example: ten pairs of pedals keep the Vivid Design Works installation shining through energy ‘donated’ by visitors. We’ve also seen an even larger pedal-driven tree in Beirut, Lebanon, and we’re certain that others are lighting up the night as we speak without consuming more of the world’s resources. The concept isn’t new, as there’s been foot-powered trees in recent years — we’d just like it to see it spread.

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Source: Electric Pedals (Facebook), Wall Street Journal

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