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Tim Cook changes tune, television now ‘an area of intense interest’


Tim Cook changes tun, television now an area of intense interest

It’s a hobby. That’s basically what we’ve been told about the Apple TV since day one. Cupertino saw the device as an accessory to its ecosystem, not necessarily a marquee product. Tim Cook is singing a slightly different tune these days, though. After reaffirming the Apple TV’s hobby status back in January, he recently told NBC’s Brian Williams that the screen in your living room is now “an area of intense interest.” The CEO isn’t necessarily talking about the Apple TV as we know it today, he could be referring to the long rumored Apple-branded television set, but we wouldn’t hold our breath on that one. Of course, in following the tradition set forth by his predecessor Cook left plenty of mystery for the media to poke at. The TV is stuck 30 years in the past, but if you ask what Apple plans to do about it you’ll just get the line about “intense interest” and a quick, “I can’t say more than that.” He’s a slippery son of a gun.

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