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New eBoy-designed Engadget shirts on sale: shipping now to stocking stuffers worldwide


New eBoydesigned Engadget shirts on sale shipping now to stocking stuffers worldwide

For those who picked up one of our eBoy-engineered tees from last fall, we’ve some good news for you: the new line is out now! Just in time for the holidays, one of the world’s finest 8-bit artists has kindly provided us with a new range of t-shirts, and perhaps best of all, each one is in stock and shipping now. For those new to the name, you can dig into our introduction of eBoy here, and you can grab a shirt of your own in the source link. They’re priced at €24 elsewhere, and if you’re curious about sizing, have a look at American Apparel’s size chart

Gallery: Engadget / eBoy t-shirts [winter 2012]

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Source: eBoy’s shirt store

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