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Google Street View and Maps coming to Wii U in January 2013


Google Street View and Maps coming to Wii U in January 2013

During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Iwata-san had plenty of game footage to show to Japan-based fans, but he also casually mentioned that Google-powered maps and street vistas would arrive on the Wii U at the end of January 2013. As demonstrated by the man himself, you’ll be able to swing the GamePad around to get the best view of anywhere that’s been documented by Google — including underwater. Navigation looks similar to the previously-seen Wii U Panorama View (which Nintendo confirmed would arrive Spring 2013) and although Street View isn’t motion video, there’s admittedly more to see from Google’s cartography. You’ll be able to navigate down roads, and use the vanilla map view and street view on both the big-screen and the GamePad. If you’re liking what you hear, you’d better be quick: the app will launch free for two months, after which users will have to pay an as-yet-unmentioned price for access.

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