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Four Killer Tips To Start Blogging


So the great killer tips of starting a new blog have to be planted in your mind first for different reasons like popularity, money, interest and for passion etc. There are so much bloggers who commit so many mistakes in beginning which is common for new bloggers and they waste so much time and some time also money. I am a professional blogger and I have some experience that how to start a blog because I have wasted so much time to understand the basics of blogging and got some killer tips to build perfect blog and I want to share my tips and experience to help new bloggers who are going to get start their blogs so that they can easily build best one and sensible blogs. Follow these killer tips and you shall be a successful blogger.

1.      Choose your platform :

There are so many platforms like Squarespace, WordPress, Posterous spaces, Tumblr and Blogger but the two famous and best platforms are WordPress and Blogger so I suggest you these two best platforms.

There are two types in WordPress first is free and other one is hosted.

If you want to earn some money from your blog then WordPress is the best with self hosting.

In Blogger, this is the best if you don’t want to invest any single money on your blog, you can go with Blogger.

For better results include keywords in your domain but the keywords should match with your blog. Domain should be proper, real and appropriate. Blog domain should be easily memorable and attractive to the visitors.

2.      Designing of Blog  :

Design is the important part of your blogging to attract and impress the visitors. Design should be simple, sober attractive and visitor friendly. Use premium themes to look your blog professional.

3.      Content of Blog :

I can say that the content is the king of your blog. If you don’t have appropriate and good content, there is no meaning to decorate and design your blog. Use headings, paragraphs and numbering to your blogs.

 4.      Promotion of your Blog :

There are two best ways to promote your blog. First is forums and another is social networking sites. Social networking sites are playing an important role in promoting the blogs to achieve success because nowadays everyone is using social networking sites’ services to connect with relatives, friends and to make new contacts. On these sites you can get lots of traffic; so you must make account on social networking sites to get better result for your blogs. Use various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, MySpace, Google plus etc. You should be maintaining a good relation with other bloggers and do commenting on your fellow bloggers sites and blogs.

Summary: Follow these five killer tips it will help you to make your blog best. These steps will definitely help you.



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