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eBay says December 9 was its “biggest mobile shopping day”


The holiday shopping season is in full swing, which means that a lot of companies are cleaning up. One of these companies is eBay, as it announced today that Sunday, December 9 was its “biggest mobile shopping day” ever. Of course, eBay’s various sellers are making the most money from these mobile sales, but you can bet that eBay made a healthy amount of cash just from the sheer volume of transactions.

The company shared an infographic today that breaks everything down. The infographic tells us that “US mobile transacted volume grew 133%” over last year’s biggest mobile shopping day. We can also plainly see that this is just the latest in a string of big Sundays for eBay, as December 9 managed to top December 2 and November 25, which round out the top three biggest mobile days of 2012 for the company.

eBay wasn’t the only one to experience massive mobile shopping volume on Sunday, as it was a big day for PayPal too. December 9 was PayPal’s second biggest shopping day of the year, coming in behind Sunday, December 2. On that day, PayPal’s “global mobile payment volume grew 221%” year-over-year, so it sounds like executives had a lot to smile about on Monday morning.

eBay also said that 1 out of every 3 purchases made on the website involve a mobile touch point, whether people are making purchases with their phone or simply checking out listings. While Sunday was undoubtedly a great day for eBay and PayPal, there’s a chance that December 9 will be topped by another day by the time 2012 is over – after all, the holiday shopping season isn’t over yet, and it’s bound to get even more frantic as we barrel toward the end of the month.

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