Monday, July 22, 2024

Bloomberg: Apple and Google teaming up on $500 million-plus bid for Kodak patents


Bloomberg Apple and Google teaming up on $500 millionplus bid for Kodak patents

After Kodak’s auction to offload 1,100 of its digital imaging patents was green-lit this summer, it looked like Apple and Google were ready to do battle for the goods. Now, however, Bloomberg cites a pair of sources who claim that the two titans have ended their face-off and are combining their efforts in a $500 million-plus bid for the patents. All three parties are staying quiet for now, but the move would certainly not be out of form for technology giants when it comes to lucrative, and potentially volatile, patents. Helping Kodak recover from bankruptcy with more cash in its coffers is nice enough, but avoiding a courtroom feud on digital photos is what sweetens the pot all around.

[Image credit: Viktor Nagornyy, Flickr]

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Source: Bloomberg

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