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Apple quietly hires security guru who may have saved Windows Vista


Apple quietly hires security guru that rescued Windows Vista

Apple has had to take security more seriously when a larger user base and the cloud have opened up greater risks. Thanks to a just-discovered hire, we now know 1 Infinite Loop isn’t messing around. While many of us were fixated on new iPhones in September, the company was quietly recruiting Kristin Paget as a Core OS Security Researcher. She’s had stints at eBay and Google, but she’s best-known for helping Microsoft while she was a security researcher at IOActive: not only did her team burst the bubble of Windows Vista engineers who thought their code was airtight, the group ultimately delayed the entire OS release to get security up to snuff. Given that Vista avoided most of the malware chaos that affected Windows XP even after Service Pack 2, Paget bodes well for the future protection of Apple’s platforms. Just don’t expect her to talk shop when she’s a security expert at a firm that tends to really, really value its secrecy.

[Image credit: Kristin Paget, Twitter]

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