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10terra wood iPhone 5 case Review


There’s nothing quite like spending several hundred dollars on some of the most advanced smartphone technology in the world with the iPhone 5, then covering it with wood. That’s exactly what you’re going to be doing with the 10terra wood iPhone 5 case, and in this case, you’ll be working with the Tree design. The folks at 10terra currently have a relatively limited set of wooden cases, made for the two most recent iPhone sizes, the iPad back to the 2, and the Nexus 7, and they’re all made from high-quality bamboo – real bamboo, accept no imitations.

You’ll be working with slightly different sets of tones depending on which unit you get and will, of course, be getting a unique case no matter what as each case is made of real wood. This bamboo is carbonized with the same hardwood floor technique that many modern homes work with, and everything feels no less than top quality from start to finish. Right at the start when you pull the case out of the box you’ll get in the mail, you’ll notice something strange – it comes in two pieces and doesn’t clip on to your device the way essentially all other cases do.

Instead you’ve got some padding int he back and a fit around your device that’s so precise that the case holds it together like magic. There’s also a sort of tongue of wood from one side that goes under the other so there’s an extra bit of hold-together for the whole final product. You can rest easy, also, knowing that your case’s top and bottom pieces will have the grain matching up perfectly, each case being cut from the same single piece at the start.

The 10terra wood iPhone 5 case allows you to access all of your buttons and ports with ease with the single exception being the headphone port at the bottom if you’ve got non-standard headphones plugging in. As you can see at the bottom there’s a longer tunnel you’ll have to get through than you would with many other cases, but if you’ve got a standard set of iPhone EarPods, you’ll have no trouble at all.

This case is going to cost you a cool $36.95 right this minute if you order from 10terra and, again, they’ve got several other models for other devices as well. Every case is hand-finished and has a lovely laser-etched tree design on the back and the brand 10terra on the side of the volume button side of the case – real distinct, real classy.


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