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ZTE unveils the smallest 4G LTE datacard available

ZTE has announced the launch of its MF823, a small dongle it touts as the smallest 4G LTE data card currently available. The little white unit has already launched in Kazakhstan, of all places, and is heading for Europe and Asia “soon.” The press release doesn’t state a price, but if similar offerings from the company are any indication, you’ll likely be looking at $200+ for the unit.

The MF823′s user interface is operated via the Web, and, according to the press release, is compatible with Windows 8, Windows XP, Mac OS X and “all major operating systems.” The device supports IPv6, GPRS/GSM, UMTS-HSPA+, and LTE-FDD. The LTE-FDD supported download and upload speeds are 100Mbps/dl and 50Mbps/ul, while the UMTS-HSPA+ supported speeds are 42Mbps/dl and 5.76Mbps/ul.

The MF823 dongle uses 30-percent less energy than its first-gen counterpart. Says ZTE, the device has the “lowest working temperature in the industry,” so it’ll feel cool to the touch even after prolonged periods of use. In addition, the unit has improved radiating properties, and has been optimized for a combo of high bandwidth/high communication rates and low delays.

In addition to boasting having launched the world’s smallest 4G LTE USB modem, ZTE also has claims to fame in other related areas. Earlier in 2012, the Chinese company unveiled the first multi-standard USB modem available. Also, says the press release, ZTE was the first mainland Chinese vendor to make available a 4G LTE smartphone.

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