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Windows Phone 8 not working with Xbox Video purchases

If you just bought a Windows Phone 8 device like the Nokia Lumia 920 or the HTC 8x and were hoping to load it with Xbox content for the holidays — after all, they’re both from Microsoft, right? — it seems that you may be in for some disappointment. As of right now, purchases or rentals from the newly-branded Xbox Video will not sync to Windows Phone 8. Microsoft has even officially acknowledged the issue in its support page, stating: “Windows Phone 8 does not currently support playback of rented or purchased content from the Xbox Video Store.” The article goes on to say that you can go to the Windows Phone Feature Suggestions page to recommend it for future releases. Gee, thanks, Microsoft; that’s so helpful. Now we’ll actually have to talk to our families. The horror.

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Via: WP Central

Source: Microsoft Support