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Windows 8 Is For More Powerful Applications


The latest release of windows operating system is windows 8, which is, of course, produced by the Microsoft. This operating system is for personal devices, business desktops, laptops, tablets, home theater PC and etc.

If you start using windows 8, then you will see every application is running at lightening fast. Like when you browse you will see, the article will load quickly, news and other info are updating rapidly. In windows 8 you can attach your favorite application or webpage or playlist or whatever you want on your startup picture, which is really important for them, who starts the PC.

Now let’s come to login part. You can lock your screen with a password. Here you don’t need type the password. You can choose a pattern to open your screen on your chosen picture. You can also choose what kind of pattern you want, you can choose zigzag or tap on the picture.

Build in applications in windows 8

Windows 8 has more build in application which will make your life easier and will give more fun. Windows 8 started developing in 2009 (even before windows 7 shipped) and released October 26, 2012. In 2011 its existence was first announced. There were 3 pre-release given before the initial release. It introduced many significances changed in the operating system. It improved the mobile version of tablets and other mobile operating system, like android etc. It has added new security features also, like new malware, build in antivirus software, secure boot, etc. Most important is the operating system performance has improved a lot.

Windows 8 includes new fast startup. After start up, the user will see a lock screen, with a clock and notifications. Windows 8 also added support for USB 3 devices. Task manager has been redesigned. Windows 8 made a huge difference in user interface design.

Windows 8 not only added new features in it, also removed some old features. Like start menu, support for DVD playing, windows media player (to make cost lower) etc.

The minimum requirement of windows 8 is little higher than the requirement of windows 7. It needs 10 GB free space after installation to run properly. RAM needs 1 GB (for 32 bits) and 2 GB (for 64 bits). Windows 8 have 4 editions, the 2 version is for general user and another 2 version is for professional (it has additional features).

Switching to windows 8

People who are already using a previous version of windows, they can upgrade their operating system to windows 8 from online, with a discount $39.99, where the main DVD cost will be $69.99. People can enjoy this price till 31st January, 2013.

Windows operating system is one of the most used operating system. The latest version of windows operating system got the mind blowing UI. You can navigate this UI with touch, mouse or keyboard. The co-operative vice President of Windows, Julie Larson-Green said, “Everything that’s great about Windows 7, is better in Windows 8”.

Windows 8 will be tied up with Microsoft SkyDrive. So, user will be able to access their digitally stored data from other device like cell phone, tablet etc.


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