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Will.i.am iPhone accessory line kicking off with three vintage models


The i.am+ accessory line has begun with a set of three iPhone covers that convert the device into a much more high-powered camera than the smartphone is on its own. This lineup is being launched by Black Eyed Peas musician will.i.am and will be expanded upon via an ecosystem online and through high-end shops throughout the UK (at first, anyway.) This was announced with great glee by will.i.am in London this week with a full-on music video showing tonight with none other than Britney Spears.

Of course if you’re the type to get pumped up by Britney Spears and will.i.am collaborating on a music video, you’ll also find the iPhone accessory line appealing in both look and price – they’ll be appearing in the video tonight as well. There will be three models released for the iPhone 4/4S initially, then three more in early 2013 with many of the same abilities (and some unique to the next-generation device).

What you’re seeing above and below is the set of three outer bodies that are coming with this first wave of accessories for the iPhone. You’ll see a full-on LED flash up front along with interchangeable lenses and vintage aesthetics all around. It’s quite likely that these units will all be released at once while the next generation (for the iPhone 5) brings on a slightly different look to differentiate generations.

This announcement is also accompanied by the first appearance of i.am (the website). This website now shows a “Launching December 6th 2012″ message as well as the official i.am+ logo with the clipped-up photos you see above of each of the three camera accessories. You can also sign up on the site for information as it comes down the chute on the 6th. Also at the moment you’ll find both Britney Spears and will.i.am tweeting their hearts out promoting the Scream and Shout single as the official launch of the music video nears.

The two units we’ve got information on thus far are one of the two black models – one or both of which will be considered part of the “Modern Look” series and will start at 199 pounds (a bit over $300 USD). The white model is the “Vintage Look” series and will be starting at 299 pounds (that being just shy of $500 USD). The Vintage Look model will also be coming with a slide-out keyboard.

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