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White and Pikachu yellow 3DS XL consoles coming to Europe soon


Europeans in the market for a new portable gaming console will soon have new color options to choose from for the Nintendo 3DS XL range. The 3DS XL is the larger screen version of Nintendo’s original 3-D console the 3DS. European gamers will have two new color options to choose from by the end of the year.

Those new color options will include a white version and a Pikachu Yellow edition. The white version of the portable console will be offered in two variations. One version will come pre-installed with the Super Mario 3D Land game.

The second version of the white console will come installed with Mario Kart 7. If you really want the yellow version of the portable game console, it comes with no bonus games installed. European buyers will be able to purchase the white console with the Mario Kart 7 game on November 16.

The white console featuring Super Mario 3D Land will be available on November 30, the same day as the Nintendo Wii U launches. The yellow Pokémon console will be available on December 7. None of these new consoles ship with an AC power adapter, you’ll have to buy one separately.

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