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Tumblr boasts nearly 170 million monthly visitors

If you use the micoblogging website Tumblr, you aren’t alone. The website has had a seriously successful year and now claims to be one of the top 10 most visited sites in the United States. Tumblr recently boasted a worldwide audience of 170 million people.

The official numbers from Quantcast’s monthly data shows global traffic of 168 million users in the last 30 days to be specific. That traffic is significantly up from the 120 million monthly users that visited Tumblr in January 2012. Quanticast numbers rely on code embedded in the website pages, but there’s still some estimation that goes into these numbers.

What that means in a nutshell is that other major web traffic analytics firms such as comScore could have a completely different take on the size and growth of Tumblr and other websites. Tumblr is technically a microblogging platform, but many people may associate the site with photographs.

Tumblr proved to be a significant source of memes having to do with the presidential elections this year. It’s also interesting that Tumblr has grown significantly despite the fact that Twitter blocked its users from being able to find friends that are on the Tumblr platform. Traffic to the website has reportedly increased every month for nearly 4 years showing steady growth.

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