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Surface RT gets performance boost from updates


Microsoft pushed out a firmware update today (Patch Tuesday) for its hybrid laptop/tablet, the Surface RT. The update brings with it a variety of performance improvements, according to preliminary reports from users. There were a total of eight updates released for the device, four of which corrected some issues and improved performance, as well as a firmware update and some security-related downloads.

According to ZDNet, the four updates include an update that addresses “Favorites” not showing up in Internet Explorer 10 and a fix that enables WinRE using the out-of-the-box wizard in Windows 8/Server 2012. Also part of the updates was an update for files containing a digital signature in Windows 8/Server 2012, and a Windows 8/Server 2012 cumulative update. You can download these updates for your Surface via Windows Update.

The first update listed above is self-explanatory, while the second update corrects the problem caused by an issue with the Boot Configuration Data store. The update for files containing a digital signature is due to files expiring prematurely on Windows 8/Server 2012 systems. And finally, the cumulative update enables the ability to customize the lock screen, fixes the problem that can cause Apps to be installed incorrectly, and improves performance upon waking the device and when the device is asleep, which ultimately improves battery life.

Now that the update has been out for a bit, reports are rolling in from users who say their devices are running faster and smoother. Some users say that app transitions seem “snappier” as well, and that Internet Explorer 10 is running better after the update. Have you updated your Surface? Let us know what improvements you’re seeing in the comments!

[via ZDnet]

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