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Staples to add Amazon Lockers to US stores


If you like to shop on for gifts or unmentionable items, and you don’t want them to be delivered to your home some areas have Amazon lockers as an alternative. The Amazon Locker service is exactly what it sounds like, a locker unit placed in retail locations in some cities where your purchases are delivered rather than your home or office.

To pick up your items from the lockers, you go to the store location and enter a code from an e-mail sent to you from Amazon with your order to pop open the appropriate locker. Back in October of 2011, the Amazon locker service was being expanded to New York City. It looks like the availability of Amazon lockers in the US is set to expand.

A spokeswoman for Staples has confirmed that the office-supply retailer has agreed to place Amazon Lockers in its US stores. This will greatly increase the footprint for the Amazon Lockers service. The Amazon Locker service will continue to give people three days to pick up their items from the locker.

Amazon also has lockers in grocery stores, convenience stores, and drugstores around the country. Some of those locations stay open around the clock. Staples has lots of locations, with some servicing small to moderately sized cities around the country.

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