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SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: November 8th, 2012


This morning you’ll want to head directly to your download interface to bring on the next level of note-taking and remembering with Evernote 5 for iOS. There’s a lovely Holiday Edition Velocity Micro desktop out on the market today for $599. The folks at RIM are more than happy to reveal that BlackBerry 10 is ready for government specification level security clearance.

T-Mobile has released third quarter earnings with slightly less than encouraging results. There’s a lovely near-complete mammoth skeleton sitting in the outskirts of Paris – just discovered this week. The Scion iQ has been recalled by Toyota – make sure you keep your eyes peeled if you own one.

Be sure to check out our ever-so-lovely review of the Philips hue. It’s a lightbulb you’re certainly going to want to get to know better!

A giant patent suit has been filed against Google, Intel, and more for encrypting web traffic filed in their archives. Over in Egypt, internet porn has been banned. Foursquare has been updated for iOS to allow you to mention friends not attached to the service.

You’ll be working with in-game streaming for Black Ops II via YouTube. Third quarter results in China show that the iPhone is no longer top-five with lower-priced phones taking it out of the top tier. Apple meanwhile has won a rectangle with rounded corners patent for the iPad. The world’s most popular phone in the third quarter of this year was the Samsung Galaxy S III.

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