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SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: November 12th, 2012


This morning we’re seeing our fair share of legal matters from over the weekend, two giants coming first from Apple. The Swiss rail clock they use in iOS 6 appears to have costed them a cool $21 million bucks while their HTC 10-year agreement is sure to go down in the record books as legendary. Then of course there’s the whole Samsung UK iPad note situation continuing on. For those of you looking to keep your eyes out of the legal universe, NVIDIA has your back with a lovely new set of details on Tesla K20, the newest most powerful GPU on the planet.

There’s a brand new Halo 4 playlist out there with SWAT and a new Spartan Ops episode for your enjoyment. Commercial licenses are now available for Microsoft Office 2013 RT. If you want DirectX 11.1, you’ll need to be using Windows 8. You know you’re a giant game when screenshots warrant a news release.

NVIDIA Tesla K20X-accelerated Titan supercomputer has been named the world’s fastest – and commands more computational power than the top 10 from last year combined! If you’re waiting for BlackBerry 10, you’ll be glad to year that it’s all about RIM’s big day on January 30 with two new phones on the books.

Apple has also been dealing with Samsung’s rising mobile processor costs – this of course having nothing to do with their legal war. Right? Get ready for the AMD FirePro S10000 server graphics card, ready for purchase soon. Windows Phone 8′s Skype preview is ready for action today. There’s a perfect cloaking device out there today as well, made by scientists for the greater good of Harry Potter enthusiasts everywhere.

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