Friday, February 23, 2024

SkyDrive app arrives on Windows Phone 8


If you’re planning on picking up a Windows Phone 8 handset, then good news, as you’ll have a new version of SkyDrive waiting for you in the Windows Phone Store. Released today, the most important feature this bad boy is touting is support for Windows Phone 8. It also has a few more features worth talking about, so read on to find out more.

In version 3.0, users now have the ability to search through their SkyDrive folders and files on their handset. There are also new size settings to choose from when downloading and uploading images, which should be a nice feature for those who use SkyDrive primarily for storing photos. Microsoft has also updated the visuals and icons in the app, so SkyDrive is getting something of a visual overhaul in version 3.0.

Those features listed above are it as far as the update is concerned, so version 3.0 is a little light on notable additions. That’s okay though, because the big feature – support for Windows Phone 8 – is included in this update, so there’s plenty to get excited about in that respect. SkyDrive on mobile phones already lets you manage your files, upload video from your phone, access all of your SkyDrive content, and share the files you’ve stored in your SkyDrive account, so most of the big features were there to begin with anyway.

So, SkyDrive seems like a pretty handy app for those with go with Windows Phone as their mobile OS of choice. The new version of SkyDrive is available now on the Windows Phone Store [download link]. To make things even more awesome, it’s free, so with Window Phone 8 support and no payment required, things can’t get much better for SkyDrive users.

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