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Samsung raises mobile processor prices on Apple


Samsung and Apple have been at each other’s throats through various patent suits all around the world for a long time. In some places, Apple has won a few and in others, Samsung has won. Apple won a jury award against Samsung of roughly $1 billion in the US. However, Samsung is trying to get the case thrown out with allegations of juror misconduct.

In Europe, Apple was forced to run apology ads in major publications after courts ruled that Samsung hadn’t infringed on Apple design patents having to do with tablets. Despite all the legal battles raging between Apple and Samsung, Samsung Electronics continues to be the provider to Apple for processors used in the iPhone and the iPad.

Reports indicate that Samsung has hit Apple with a price increase on mobile processors of 20% recently. The tip comes from a person claiming to be familiar with the negotiations between the two companies. The source claims that originally Apple declined to pay the price increase.

However, the source says that after Apple failed to find another supplier of processors for the products, it accepted the 20% price increase. Apple is said to have purchased 130 million processor from Samsung last year and over 200 million units this year. Samsung has a long-term contract with Apple for processors that is good through 2014. No official comment has been made by Samsung or Apple on the dealings.

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