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Samsung is fighting back and wants the iPhone banned

The saga between Apple and Samsung is far from over, folks. Whether you like it or not, the two largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world are still cat-fighting over their products. Today, Samsung has asked the US International Trade Commission to reverse a ruling that found Apple not guilty of infringing on Samsung’s patents. The ITC is set to announce soon whether it will review the ruling that took place back in September.

Samsung owes Apple a hefty $1 billion for being accused of infringing upon several of Apple’s patents used in the iPhone and iPad. Obviously, Samsung is fighting back is looking to win in court this time around to even out the playing field. The ITC has the power to block products from the US market, so their ruling could have more economic impact than the $1 billion award that Apple won.

Alex Spektor, an analyst with Strategy Analytics says that Samsung doesn’t “need to cripple their competitors as much as they need to make sure every product they sell into the US continues selling because those products have proven very popular.” Of course, this can apply to any company that’s looking to take other companies to court over patent issues, Spektor believes that Samsung shouldn’t have anything to be worried about as long their products are selling well, which they clearly are.

The ITC’s decision could impact the whole economy, according to Victor Siber, former chief of the intellectual property counsel for IBM. Getting a judgement from the ITC “means a lot” and they’ll have to “get it as right as they can.” However, while Samsung is seeking a ban on the iPhone 5, we’re not so sure that may happen, but if it did, it would certainly shake things up and turn the tables for Samsung.

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