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Peter Molyneux’s 22cans pitching Populous-esque project on Kickstarter, ‘Godus’

Peter Molyneux's 22cans pitching Populousesque project on Kickstarter, 'Godus'

Peter Molyneux, like so many of you, pines for the glory days of the studio he co-founded over 15 years ago, Bullfrog Productions. His new studio, 22cans, today announced launched its first initiative aimed at recreating those glory days, with “Godus” — a Kickstarter project to “recreate the god game.” Of course, Molyneux and Bullfrog were partially responsible for the original invention as well, with PC classic Populous. Like with Populous, you’ll control a virtual world and its people, building up (or tearing down) their society as you see fit; it seems the “re-invention” bit comes in the form of multiplayer and mobile play. The nascent studio of game industry vets is hoping for a seven to nine month turnaround on the project, post-Kickstarter (should it pass the £450,000 goal, that is), and it’s planned for launch on “PC and mobile devices.”

In the (hilarious) video 22cans included in its Kickstarter, the company revealed that its first title cum social experiment, Curiosity, already has “about 2 million downloads almost,” which we’d certainly call a success. The ever self-aware Molyneux also notes in the video that, “I don’t want to promise anything, I just want to deliver the glory of the old days in the new format of today’s world.” Even when he’s trying not to promise something, he just can’t help himself, eh? See for yourself below the break.

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